Mouse from Jake 2.0

Jake 2.0 - 2004

This little mouse was for the TV series Jake 2.0, sculpted and cast in rubber with an inflatable working lung motion

Guns from Young Blades Young Blades - 2004

Guns for the movie Young Blades - made of a soft rubber they could be carried on horseback and used in stunts
Rings from TV Show Smallville Smallville - 2004

Rings for TV series Smallville, made of a brittle plastic/wax material they could be easily broken when smashed with a paper weight
Fantastic Four - 2004

These walnuts were made with a brittle resin with real nut inside so the thing could crack em' and eat em'.


June 6, 2005

Monster Fun Production Ltd launches a new web site.

"Welcome to our on-line gallery, this web site will serve as a show-case of our exclusive makeup FX, props and puppeteering for the film industry.

You can also find our mail-order monster model kits on the site - customers from around the world enjoy this obscure hobby, we sculpt, mold, pour, package, and promote a series of 50’s and 60’s movie monsters including over 15 original designs." - Charlie Grant